Packages & Prices

We offer a number of add-ons which are optional but really add to the magical experience.  Some we already own and some we offer via our trusted supplier network.

  • Male & female singers, offered both on their own or as part of a package including a DJ.
  • Bands (subject to availability).
  • LED sparkly dance floors.
  • Photo and Selfie Booths.
  • Photography (all types including mobile studio, drones, weddings and general photography).
  • And much, much more!

Compare Packages

It’s fairly hard to have a “one size” fits all price for any event.  With this in mind there are some examples below of packages we offer for our disco and event services – please use these as a guide.   A lot of quotes depend on the distance to travel, preparation before the event, time to travel to the venue and things such as would we need to set up earlier in the day so as not to impose of any wedding breakfasts, speeches and similar.  We can however discuss this with you, which is why we like to offer bespoke but affordable options.

The prices below are not set in stone but are also not intended to be misleading in any way.


£ 350
  • DJ for up to 5hrs
  • Digital DJ System
  • Illuminated DJ Booth
  • Speakers on stands
  • Disco lighting


  • DJ
  • Digital DJ System
  • Illuminated DJ Booth
  • Speakers on stands
  • Disco lighting
  • Choice of many options such as giant white light-up letters, singers, LED floors, photo booths, backdrops and much more!

Please contact us to discuss your inidividual needs with no obligation!

Included with ALL packages...


We use quality sound systems and for larger venues, we can add active subwoofers.  This means a crisp, clear sound which is easy on the ear and we always take the audience into account with regards to volume so you can still chat with your friends and family if you want to.

We can also supply extra PA/Sound systems through one of our trusted suppliers at extra cost, however our standard systems should be more than enough for most venues.


We have different types of up to date modern lights, which we vary depending on the venues. We don’t tend to use strobe lighting and only use smoke machines where a venue allows (it is becoming normal practice for many venues to not allow smoke machines).

We can supply uplighters for your room (at extra charge) designed to create a fantastic mood.


We aim to arrive at a venue around 90 minutes before and it takes me approximately 60 minutes to pack down. I don’t charge extra for this but please take this into account when talking to venues regarding timings.

** With this in mind, please note, if a venue or client insists that we set up earlier, we are happy to accommodate, however this will need to be discussed with you upon booking and may attract a further fee, as it may mean we have extra trips to the venue or spend many hours there.


We are able to provide the relevant documents to the venues, should they insist on the DJ holding the appropriate insurance.